One of the great loves of my life for the past several years has been skincare. I admit it, I'm obsessed, and I'll probably only be more so as I'm about to hit the 25-year-old mark. Given that, I figured it was time to start a blog to share my own experiences with some of the products out there, especially as I've burned lots of money in the past on items that frankly weren't worth the hype.

I'll disclose that I'm definitely on the more critical side, as I don't mess around or accept concessions with my skin. I'm also a firm believer in thoroughly checking ingredients and doing research before any purchase, because too often the most popular bloggers out there fail to do that and end up recommending products that may be detrimental in the long-term. I'll be sure to share more on my research process in future posts.

Overall, I hope you find this site useful! For any inquiries, please contact me at jinsightreviews@gmail.com

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