Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Body Shop: Perfume, Body Milk, and Cleaser Haul

I recently picked out a few things from The Body Shop, and wanted to share my thoughts so far:

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

The packaging for this is gorgeous. I love the twist-off tin, and there's something incredibly appealing about the nice and smooth, hardened-buttery texture of the product itself. I have very dry skin so needed a facial cleanser that doesn't have all the harsh aftereffects of standard sudsy-wash formulas. My favorite to date is the Yes to Carrots cleanser (which is also about half the price), though this is probably a close second. This does have a harder texture and requires slightly more pressure to rub into the skin. Good news is it has a lovely soft scent and never leaves my face feeling dry. I don't think this will really work to remove heavy make-up, and especially not eye make-up. It's more of a pampering cleanse on light-face days.

Honeymania Eau de Parfum

I wasn't a fan of this scent the first time I smelt it (too floral rather than honey), but I noticed myself continuing to come back to this line of products every time I was in the store. I think it has to do with my affinity for honey beauty products and the cute packaging, but I relented and picked up the scent. I'm not a fan of any of The Body Shop's other scents right now - they're all a bit sour and weak for my liking. By contrast, this one is fairly strong and will last at least a few hours on my clothing. Just one spritz seems to be enough, and the more I smell it the more I like how the floral notes complement the overall warmth of the honey.

Coconut Body Milk

I'm generally too lazy to moisturize my whole body after a shower because standard lotions take ages to rub in. That's why I was a fan of this spritz-on formula, though in execution there's admittedly some shortcomings. I actually think it may have made more sense just to go buy some coconut oil (cheaper and more natural), but at the time this was pretty alluring. It has a lovely, soft coconut scent and is very light by nature of its "milk" consistency. It's not nearly as heavy-duty as the body butters, but seems to do a good job of locking moisture in. The problem with the spray is that it doesn't come out too far or too evenly, so I end up just spraying it into my hands to avoid product waste. It can also smell a little chemically behind the coconut scent. My least favorite item of the three, but also the one I got for "free" through their buy 2 get 1 promotion.

Overall I've been pleased with all of these purchases. I haven't been a fan of The Body Shop in a while, but for some reason it seems like their products are getting back in vogue now.

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