Saturday, June 7, 2014

What's in my Bag: Summer Edition

I definitely aspire to be a minimalist in terms of what I allow in my bag. I find that no matter how small or light the bag, your shoulders will end up tired after a day of carrying it, so it's critical to shave everything down to the bare essentials. This is a peek into my current summer bag, which I use for running errands and shopping.

The current bag I'm using is an old Coach purchase from their factory stores. It's a baby blue patent leather, which is pretty much made for summery weather. I like it because it's the perfect crossbody size, holding all of my things without allowing for overstuffing. It zips easily and the patent leather has proven to be extremely durable, as I've taken it out for long days of traveling in extreme humidity, rain, and heat.

My one qualm is with the shoulder strap. Unlike the rest of the bag, it's made of a cloth fabric, which is easily stained and starting to fuzz up with wear. However, the pro is it's the right length to rest on my hips. 

The top row contains:

Mini Notebook: I'm the most forgetful person, and need to scribble reminders to myself constantly. I also find that I have a habit of continually dwelling on what I need to get done. When I write it down though, it helps me refocus on what's at hand, because I know I'll get to it later. This is a small leather notebook I got from an event.

Sunglass case + Sunglasses: The case is from Aldo, and I love that it's super light yet structured and durable. Much better than the hefty cases most designer sunglasses come with. The sunglasses are from Urban Outfitters.

Bottom row:

Missha Deep Moist Lip Essence in Ample Berry with SPF 10: This is from Korea, and to be honest I'm not in love with it. This might be unique to my dry lips, but I find I can't use this by itself or it'll leave my lips completely chapped. It leaves a subtle red gloss on the lips and has a nice sweet taste. SPF in the summer is also essential, which is why I take this even if I prefer some of my other glosses.

Bite Agave Lip Mask: Reviewed here, I can't go anywhere without this.

Blistex Deep Renewal with SPF 15: I keep this purely for the SPF. My routine is to start with the Bite lip mask, apply a layer of this, then top off with the Missha gloss. Perhaps excessive, but a good way to ensure moisture + SPF + shine.

Earplugs: Yes, that's what those weird neon green cones are. I literally do not go anywhere without these, because you never know when you'll be stuck in a loud place and wishing for a reprieve. I'm also paranoid about hearing loss (my grandpa's almost completely deaf), and it's always good to have this in case.

Vera Bradley Keychain Zip Wallet: This needs replacing as I've used it for years, but there's nothing more portable than a keychain holder that doubles as a wallet. I keep all my cards + cash in here. It also makes it harder to lose your keys. If anyone knows of a better-looking alternative, please let me know!

Not Shown:

Hat: This definitely doesn't fit into my bag, but I pretty much never step outside without a wide-brimmed hat (per the reasons stated in my sunblock post). This one is from Nordstrom, and technically it's more of a winter hat due to the wool material. However, I find it works all seasons, and I've received tons of compliments. It's also held up its shape extremely well; I hate it how most wide-brimmed hats start to droop after a few wears. I do try to take care of it by keeping it on my lap and trying not to fold it up if at all possible. 

Water: Also not shown, but make sure to stay hydrated and go out with a full bottle!

Hope you found this post helpful!

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