Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ciate Serendipity: Holiday Manicure

Serendipity is a limited edition color that came out in last year's mini mani set. This is actually the first time I've tried it, as I've been waiting for the holidays to come back around before breaking it out. It's a pink glitter polish with surprising staying power, though it took me about 3 coats to get it to the above opaque level.

While I'm not usually a huge fan of glitter (a bit ostentatious for most daily wear) I'm really liking this, which feels festive without being overbearing. This is probably because it's a darker shade of pink, which glitters subtly in most lighting. I've caught myself staring at my nails multiple times even when I'm just typing. 

What are some of your favorite holiday polishes?

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