Monday, March 31, 2014

Lush: The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask

I finally caved and tried out one of the famed Fresh Face Masks from Lush. To be honest, I find the Lush brand as a whole to be massively overrated. Their sales associates are lovely, but I just can't justify the hefty price tag for their products. If you check their ingredients in detail, you'll quickly find that despite the brand's all-natural claims, most of their products contain questionable ingredients such as parabens (present in almost all their lotions and cleansers) as well as talc (surprisingly in this face mask).

I wanted a mask that would be moisturizing but with anti-aging benefits. After much debate between this and Oatifix, I settled on this after the sales associate informed me that it had good anti-aging qualities. As you can see, the mask is a thick green color and applies fairly smoothly. I left it on for about 10 minutes each use. It's rather messy, so I'd recommend putting it on prior to a shower.

I got a good five or so uses out of this container, despite applying liberally. However, I just didn't see or feel much effect afterwards. In fact, after my final usage my skin was left feeling more sensitive and breakout prone. I think it's a function of the ingredients - Ginkgo Leaf isn't exactly soothing. Additionally, Talc is one of the top ingredients, which seems dubious. For those who aren't familiar with it, Talc is a mineral commonly found in skin powders, which has been linked to cancer, including stomach and lung cancer when ingested/inhaled. I've heard of bloggers jokingly trying to eat some of these masks, which is worrisome if they also contain this ingredient. I'm guessing they added it here to thicken the mix, but really you'd think they could try to find something else given the price of almost $7 for a small batch.

Overall, my experience was mediocre, and I don't have any intention to try out their other masks. But I won't write-off Lush yet, since it's an adorable brand and they are more natural than many other alternatives.

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