Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Victoria's Secret Body Mists

I went a little overboard during the buy 3 for $25 special at VS, and picked up three of their body mists, in Pure Seduction Bloom, Lemon Escape, and Mango Temptation. To be honest I've never used VS body mists before, but I was hooked after smelling the Pure Seduction Bloom. As you might be able to tell, I'm a big fan of sweet, fruity scents.

Pure Seduction Bloom

This is the one that instigated the whole purchase. From an aesthetics standpoint, I love the design of the bottle with the golden flower as well as the corally shade of the liquid inside. So gorgeous. It's a very sweet, blend of floral and fruity scent. Perfect for spring/summer. My only problem with it is that the lasting power is very weak - I can't smell it more than a couple hours after I spray.

Lemon Escape

Confession - I returned this after the first use. This was sweet to the point of almost sickening. Pro is it lasted absolute hours. It smells like coconut lemon candy cake, and literally the whole morning after I sprayed it I thought someone was cooking sweets. It's ok, but for me it was too distracting.

Mango Temptation

This one lasts longer than the Pure Seduction, and has a very nice mango scent that isn't too sweet. It's probably my most go-to scent of the ones I picked up, because it lasts long enough to matter and the mango is quite pleasant.

Citrus Dream

I ended up exchanging the Lemon for this, which is a much more tangy, citrusy scent. The lasting power is probably the worst of them all though. It's about what it sounds like - citrus with floral notes, not too sweet despite the description.

Note that VS has done $5 fragrance mist specials (as they did after I picked these up sadly), so keep your eyes peeled and wait for a good deal. I personally am not sure I'd repurchase, because the scents really don't last long enough to make it a good investment. But they are pleasant and fairly affordable, and supposedly contain aloe / other skin ingredients although I usually just spray it on my clothes.

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