Friday, August 15, 2014

Goldfaden MD Sun Visor SPF 30: Review

As mentioned, I'm normally a drugstore sunblock fan due to the much more attractive price point, but I decided to splurge on the Goldfaden MD Sun Visor after watching a tutorial that purportedly showed how easy it was to spray and go with this product. To be honest, even after months of use, I have no idea how that particular person was able to use it so easily. It beats regular sunblock, but it still is far from an effort-free product, and brings other concerns that keep me at bay.

My first major concern with this product is its use of microionized titanium dioxide, which has been cited as a potential risk upon inhalation. Spraying it directly on the face not only heightens the risk of directly breathing it in, but in my experience also often led to some of the product going into the eye (even with your eyes closed). I had white particles accumulate around my eye shortly after I used this.

However, it isn't gloopy like most sunscreens. This is good and bad, because good news is it spreads easily - I usually spray a bit into my hand and then massage it into my face. I do find it doesn't seem to stay as well on my skin, as it starts running off immediately when I spray a bit of water on. I also don't think it's as effective as my traditional formula sunscreens.

I purchased from the SkinStore, and got the below samples with my order. I think the price was about $35/bottle with discount, so still a fairly pricey bottle. At this point I won't be repurchasing, because I think there's better alternatives.

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