Friday, January 15, 2016

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiantly Perfect Eyes Collection

I'm constantly on the lookout for a nice eye cream, as my undereye wrinkles are one of my sticking points. I've heard great things about Cle de Peau (which is a higher-end offshoot of Shiseido), so was immediately drawn when I spotted the Radiantly Perfect Eyes set. This set retails at $140, which is the same price as the eye cream alone. Still very pricey, but potentially a better deal together.

Below are all the items in the kit. Note, the sunscreen and body lotion are not included, these were items I received as a sample from the sales associate (always ask for samples!)

In total, the kit includes the eye cream, a mascara, a lash curler, makeup remover, cotton pads, and a cute blue bag.

I like the texture of the eye cream, as it's light yet moisturizing. I'll report back once I use it a bit longer to see how effective it is.

The thing I surprisingly do love is the eyelash curler. I have fairly flat eyes, so it's hard to find curlers that are able to fit against my lashes. I've used the Tweezerman curlers for the past few years, but when I tried this one out it really was a noticeable improvement. The curler features a very thin pad, which allows you to better scoop and squeeze your lashes, thus giving a firmer curl that lasts longer. I'm impressed.

The body lotion isn't anything to write home about, in case any of you are thinking about it separately. It smells nice and does the job, but as with all body lotions, nothing amazing here.

The bag is one of the cuter freebie bags I've received yet. This has gained a permanent place in my handbag. Nicely sized but not too bulky, and looks quite a bit better than the freebie Sephora bags.

This was definitely a pricey product, but I figure when it comes to skincare, and especially eye cream, they last so long for me that it's worth the one time investment. Let me know if you have any experience with this brand!

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