Friday, January 22, 2016

My Favorite Sunscreens: Supergoop Sunscreen Oil and Setting Mist

One of my least favorite parts of my morning routine is applying sunblock. With a normal sunblock, it just takes so long and requires constant skin rubbing. But no more! My routine literally now takes seconds with the Supergoop Setting Mist and Sunscreen Oil. I've repurchased these twice, and have my application process down cold.

I start the morning off by spritzing my face and neck a few times all over with the Setting Mist, which is SPF 50+ but seriously is like spraying a toner over your face. Granted, I think there's a risk that it won't be as effective as old-fashioned rubbing sunscreen over your face, but for the time it saves I'll take this option. After spraying, I gently pat it into my skin. The one thing you have to be careful of is to not inhale this stuff when you spray. I usually take a deep breath and hold it until I have patted the product in. 

For the body, I use the sunscreen oil. I just spray and rub into my legs, and it sinks in amazingly well. I don't use this on my face because honestly it's too greasy and will make you look gross. But on the body it's fantastic, and moisturizing to boot. 

My one complaint is with the spritzer, which I find tends to jam up with use. I usually end up just uncapping the bottle and pouring some out directly into my hands later on. 

What I like about Supergoop is that while the products are inevitably chemical based (as physical based sunscreens can't be made into a mist or oil consistency, they do stay clear of parabens, Oxybenzone, and other harmful ingredients. Yes, it's probably not as healthy as an old fashioned physical sunscreen, but it's so much easier to apply and I'm willing to make the tradeoff. 

 What are you favorite sunscreens?

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